Meanspo reddit

Meanspo reddit

TW I feel like shit after a month of relapse but I look so much better???? You made yourself fat, now you need to lose that weight. Well fucking fix it, you fucked it up so you fix it. Do you know what that means stop fucking eating so much, stop skipping workouts.

Than guess what happens, you get thinner. So whats stopping you. A thigh gap where you are able to fit your hand and arm through? Collar bones that stick out just the right amount, ribs and a concave stomach? Wrists you can wrap your index finger and thumb around, as well as ankles? Stunning cheek bones and a defined chin? Then stop eating. You are fat. Your thighs chafe. You have a tiny box gap.

Your ribs are just starting to appear. You may be only eating a small meal aday. A few stray days a month with binging. Stop giving in. Stop eating. Fast for as long as you can. Only drink water. The more water you drink the better. Your friends and family are noticing that you look like you weigh less. You weigh the exact same as a month ago.

meanspo reddit

If not more. Please, do this for me, do this for yourself. You can work out for hours if you need to. Try to fit in hours of working out a day. If you are able to run then take that chance and run.You can do this!

You reach that UGW. Once I finally have an actual flat and job, I'm gonna start a thing where I invite all my friends over for dinner. And there's gonna be a dress code but it's just "that one outfit you never have any chance to wear".

Flapper dress? Medival gown that you got at a renesaince fair but don't actually know what to do with? Prom dress? Of course! Cosplay you made for that one convention? Pikachu onsie? What would be more fitting? Why did this post suddenly blow up? Several hundred people reblogged this over the last two days. Are we all just really feeling the isolation or? If you could wake up tomorrow at your UGW, perfect and thin, Thigh gap, collarbones, hip bones jutting out.

Flat tummy, thin arms. If you could wake up tomorrow perfect, but the only thing you had to do was eat clean and keep your calorie intake to a minimum just for TODAY, would you be able to do it? Of course you would. If you eat some fruit and drink some water instead. Perfect thigh gap, thin arms, wears big hoodies that make her legs look almost perfect when they stick out at the bottom. She had a perfect jawline and everything. I wish me and her can just switch.

Posts Likes Following Ask me anything Archive. Dreaming of having a party is a big coronavirus mood I guess. Think about this:. Recently Liked.Of collarbones and thigh gaps, of hips jutting out and ribs just visible, casting shadows on porcelain flesh.

I dream of crop tops and denim shorts, of thigh highs and sugar highs. So stand up, keep your pretty head up and go. Exercise, drink water, eat less, eat healthy, sleep, do yoga, dance around. Please be finally happy. How about your wrists? I think that bone is slightly more defined when you flex it. Your shoulders and shoulder blades seem a bit sharper, too.

How about your ankles and feet? Take a walk in your comfiest pair of jeans. You want to lose it NOW and would do anything to wake up tomorrow at you ugw. You just have to be persistent and never give up. But i promise you that those days where you feel incredibly sexy and comfortable in your own skin are just around the corner. I know you want this so badly, honey.

Everything okay?

You have to work for it and make yourself proud! You know this is one of the best feelings ever, darling. You want to be proud of your body and feel great about yourself, right? Make yourself proud, i know you can! You ate fatty food and cheated on your diet? I know you bash yourself for pushing yourself further from your goal, but it was just Easter and you were enjoying spending time with your family.

Unfortunately that included eating. Thin is all you think about cutie, why would you stuff your face uncontrollably like that, sugar? Oh, right, you say tomorrow. If you regret it, then make a change. Skip that meal.

Eat less calories. Exercise and burn what you have consumed and stored from your past pathetic eating habits.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Get rid of your fatty urges. Become beautiful. Fucked up right? Keep going. Oh, you feel skinny? Walk to the fridge.Okay, look here sweetie. Do you really want all that hair loss to be for nothing. All of those times you calculated calories. Then stop fucking binging. Get up and off your lazy fucking depressed ass and workout.

I know you want those abs back- work for them. You want to see your rib cage again? Get into those favorite shorts again? How about look good in a bikini?! Get your ass back together.

You could run on 42 hours fast and 6 hours of sleep. Being weak. Sleeping waaayyyy too much. You way too much to be pretty, but not enough to save lives and donate blood. Look, we both know that you can be beautiful so…. You ugly piece of Ana. Now- breath. Breath out. Air is all you need. Those tears you cry? Water or die. The media is continuing is campaign of misinformation to damage Bernies viability.

Do not let them fool you. He is not going anywhere. He is merely shifting his focus to continue to help Americans through this pandemic. Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Here let me help. And repeat. Do some planks. Run some more. This is gold I need this on my fridge. Many states are considering primaries via mail ONLY. I have zero-calorie seltzer and Coke Zero Vanilas and we can watch movies and not eat.

See this in the app Show more.Originally posted by It can be a bit different from each person!!! Do it for cute clothes, shopping sprees, being happy Because food will never satisfy you. If you binge now, the urges will keep coming back. If you binge now, it will not be the last time. Break the cycle. That full feeling is so much worse than feeling dizzy with hunger. Because control is power.

Skinny People Reveal What They Ate Today (r/AskReddit)

Collarbones, thigh gap, flat stomach. You can reach your GWs. It just takes a bit of control. Still, plenty of time to get skinny.

Do it for that belly button piercing to look hot as fuck. Imagine feeling comfortable in a bikini. Get thin to be able to fit into those old jeans. Do it so people will worry again. Do it so your fucking period leaves you the hell alone again. Self control is so important, not just for weight loss.

Practice now. For the before and after pictures. I promise. To wear white skinny jeans with a black sweater. To wear PINK workout clothes and just lounge around the house To wear a sports bra and oversized trackies when working out. To wear triangle bikinis and feel like a model.

Why do you keep doing it? So that you can try on clothes without wanting to stay in the fitting room, curl up into a ball, and die.Girls, romanticize yourselves.

meanspo reddit

You are a queen. You are a warrior. You are an enchantress. You are a mermaid. You are a goddess. You are all of these things and more, you are the stuff of fairytales. Pictures hanging on the wall: a family; the father tall, the mother smiling, and a girl without a care in the whole world.

Flashing forward time speeds up. She makes a vow and makes it then to drop below No smiles now upon her face her whole existence is a race.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

If only she realized the price of reaching the finish line. Sleep is Dreams of eating until the point of bursting And waking up in a cold sweat Running your hands over ribs to ensure they have not dulled And falling back into unconsciousness Licking phantom sugar From your lips.

Unusual Request - Cancer. Imagine -wrists too skinny for bangles -having to buy new pants because yours are too large -big t-shirts make you look cute and dainty -tight dresses in bright colors -grabbing the smallest size without thinking twice -always feeling confident -always feeling beautiful -always being happy.

You still deserve the world via disordereddreamer. You still deserve the world. Time Pictures hanging on the wall: a family; the father tall, the mother smiling, and a girl without a care in the whole world. Recently Liked.Do you like that? Do you like the feeling of carbs and food and fat fat FAT clogging up what should be a pure, empty stomach?

A face that could be beautiful with just a little bit of work. But no.

meanspo reddit

You sit there and you eat because you feel sad, or because you had a craving, or some other fucking stupid reason. How long are you going to make yourself wait? You will never be small if you keep eating like a pig.

You say you want to get thinner of thats true than you will stick to your fucking diet for once. All you do is stuff your fat face. Stay strong everyone xx. So why are you eating? Look at your fat thighs, your stomach, your flappy arms. Are you seriously sitting there on your phone looking at thinspo?

Because you are just to busy being in love with food instead of your body. You are killing it with the bullshit you stuff you face with.

Nobody wants a fat slob who can barely walk up the stairs. Really think he will want you on his dick? No because you will probably crush him. You better do 10 pushups. You better do a 30 second wall sit. In fact go run or walk a fucking mile. Oh and have you drank any water today? Drink 2 more! Had anything to eat? If you are seriously starving then eat a banana with peanut butter.

Should fill you up for the day. Get the fuck up and work towards you goal. Posts Archive. You want to be beautiful? Go and starve you ugly sack of fat.

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